Who We Are

We are students, health educators, doctors, nurses, dental professionals, researchers, professors, community leaders, and citizens from all walks of life who share a commitment to public health in Oregon. Our membership includes individuals and organizations in regions across the state, providing OPHA with a strong combination of grassroots support and technical expertise. We succeed by bringing together the power of our members with community organizing, coalition building, public and professional education, and advocacy. Founded in 1944, OPHA is an affiliate of the American Public Health Association, the largest public health association in the nation.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Oregon Public Health Association is to:
Advocate for policies that protect and promote health and health equity for all people in Oregon and
Provide learning, collaboration, and leadership opportunities for public health professionals and the broader community.

Our Vision

Our Community: We provide a forum where Oregonians come together to advance the public’s health.

Our Members: We support each other and the organization through professional education, development and networking.

Policy Development: We engage our members and the larger public health community to develop and support just and equitable public health policies.

Education: We provide professional development and learning opportunities to the larger public health community.

Our Values

  • Community
  • Partnership
  • Inclusion and Equity
  • Learning
  • Action
  • Organizational Sustainability
  • Optimism
  • Honesty

Our Work

We strive to ensure all Oregonians have quality public health services and policies that protect, promote and preserve their health, regardless of who they are or where they live. Our focus areas include :

  • Health Policy and Advocacy - OPHA members from across the state and from diverse disciplines work together to identify the most pressing health problems facing Oregonians and to craft solutions that have broad support. We mobilize communities and educate leaders so that public policy in Oregon supports health.

  • Public Health Leadership and Learning - OPHA has hosted Oregon's annual public health conference for over 75 years, offering cutting edge research and analysis of issues by leaders in the field. In addition, OPHA members and sections support a variety of educational and training opportunities throughout the year.

  • Networking and Building Partnerships - Public health is a uniquely diverse field, encompassing interests ranging from transportation planning and urban development to farming and food policy, to environmental regulation and rural health. As a membership association, OPHA provides a unique opportunity for people representing the broad spectrum of institutions, organizations, and communities across Oregon to unite around our common interest in promoting health.

Our Plan

The board of directors meets annually in December to discuss strategic planning.  The board is actively working on goals and strategies related to advocacy, organizational fiscal health, and new programming.  The board also remains committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion work including internal evaluation.

Our History

OPHA was founded in 1944 by a coalition committed to the promotion of public health in Oregon, and ever since OPHA has been Oregon's public health leader, bringing together professionals and volunteers to speak and act for health in Oregon. OPHA was incorporated as a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit association in 2000. We are an affiliate of the American Public Health Association, the largest association of public health professionals in the nation.

Board Official Statements

In January 2020, the OPHA Board voted to approve official statements on climate change, water fluoridation, and public charge. The statement on public charge was updated in February and April 2020. In May 2020 the Board approved the anti-racism statement.