Healthy Environments

The Healthy Environments section casts a wide net for encouraging people to join. Healthy Environments include many things:

  • Safe and healthy workplace
  • Access to nutrient rich foods
  • Clean and affordable housing
  • Safe drinking water
  • Clean air to breathe


Our purpose is to bring together a broad array of people working toward creating and maintaining healthy environments. A healthy environment encompasses the places we work, live, and play. In those places it encourages and sustains the health of current and future populations.


The Healthy Environments section formed in 2010. Our goals are under discussion by the group. Some ideas under consideration are: 

  • Support and understand relevant state policy proposals
  • Provide a better sense of those in the field and offer a way to share information
  • Create and publicize a state of the state regarding a healthy environment
  • Regular seminars/speakers on healthy environment topics
  • Bridging the gap between historically environmental issues and human health
  • Broadening our group by bridging the gap between regulation and inspection – people working in both areas are working toward a healthy environment
  • Providing resources for communities on specific issues
  • Becoming an information clearing house 


Call to Action for Climate, Health, and Equity

We are joining with voices across our nation and the world to make it known that climate change has now become a health emergency.

Click here to add your name and learn more about the Oregon Call to Action on Climate, Health, and Equity!

Please contact Healthy Environments Section Chair, Gregory Sebastian, MPH for information on upcoming meetings and activities.

Section Leadership

Chair and Board Rep: Gregory Sebastian, MPH