Job & Internship Opportunities


OPHA is excited to share our new updated and upgraded job board for public health positions across Oregon and SW Washington! Our new job board is searchable, gives organizations control to manage and update their job postings, and enables job seekers to upload their resumes and apply from the new job board. To upload a resume as a job seeker, please note that you'll either want to log into your OPHA account or create an account with OPHA. This will enable you to upload your resume and fill out your profile. 

To post a job on the new OPHA job board, please use these helpful tips for this new process:

  • Please note: membership pricing only applies to OPHA organizational members.
  • If you are posting a job on behalf of your employer and your employer is an organizational member, but you are not the key contact for the organization, please email Dana Merrill, [email protected] in order to access a code so that the job posting is free. You will then post the job by logging in as a guest or by creating a new account.
  • If your employer is not an organizational member, you can post a job as a guest or create an account. You will use this account information to log in, manage your job posts, or post other jobs in the future. You will be provided payment options when completing the job posting form
  • Once the job has been posted, please make sure you update any changes as needed to ensure the job board has the most accurate information
  • Follow this article to learn how to do your first post.

Search open job opportunities HERE!


Please reach out to OPHA Program Assistant, Dana Merrill [email protected] with assistance or support questions.