Join the 2024 Abstract Review Team

As part of our commitment to being an inclusive organization that promotes and elevates diverse voices and perspectives, OPHA welcomes all members to join the Abstract Review Team. The Abstract Review Team reviews and evaluates the abstracts that are submitted for presentation at our annual conference.

There are two ways to participate:

1) Join the General Review Team: In this team, reviewers can select the level of participation that works best for them. Members can review 10-15 abstracts or 15-30 abstracts. Members of the General Review Team have the option to attend the Abstract Review Day on Tuesday, July 9, where a hybrid virtual/in person meeting is held to make final decisions (this is a 4-hour meeting that includes lunch).

Estimated time commitment: 3-8 hours

2) Join the Core Review Team: In this group, members review and evaluate all abstracts submitted to OPHA. Typically, around 100 abstracts are submitted each year. The Core Review Team agrees to participation in the Abstract Review Day.

Estimated time commitment: 12-14 hours

Abstract Review Timeline

  • Call for abstracts: May 1- June 12
  • Abstracts review: June 17 – July 1
  • Abstract Review Day: Tuesday, July 9
  • Annual conference: October 7 and 8

This opportunity is open to all OPHA members and no prior experience is required. All reviewers will be supplied with learning materials, abstract review guidelines, and a scoring sheet to track notes and decisions. Support from OPHA staff will be available.

To join the Abstract Review Team, please submit the Abstract Review Interest Form by May 22nd, 2024.